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Initially, Flannel fabric only comprised of wool. But as the advancement is increasing astronomically, a huge diversity is seen in manufacturing of Flannel fabric. Now it can be made with a variety of yarns or fibers.

KAM proffers unrivalled quality of Flannel fabrics that enhances the personality of a person even more. A soft feel is provided to this fabric through a finishing process known as napping. Flannel fabrics are brushed on either side to create warmth and softness. This process is followed by bleaching, dyeing and printing. Due to this systematic and efficient procedure of napping, the fabric is capable of retaining heat hence remains warm.

We are renowned for our multifarious production of Flannel fabric. We comprehend that customers not only need attractive appearance but also genuine quality. We guarantee that you will feel comfy while wearing this decent and eye-catching clothing. The weave is elastic and does not worn out ultimately leading to high durability.

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