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A home isn’t a home if it doesn’t possess decorum of living. Working all day requires a lot of exertion and hence is toiling and gruesome. Nothing can be more of a blessing than comfortable and cozy bedding for a person with hectic routine.

As aforesaid, for KAM, clients’ needs matters the most as they are more valuable. Therefore, we strive to bring out the best quality bedding that is well suited for the customers.

The quality of bedding determines the quality of the material used. The factors that contributes to the quality of sheet are fiber quality, yarn size, finishing and thread count. Finishing further includes two processes such as singeing and mercerizing. Singeing is responsible for removing the fuzz whereas mercerizing is done to increase strength, dye and luster.  

Cotton fabric is a widespread as it is more long lasting and durable. Flannel fabric has also worked wonders in bedding as it is warm and soft.

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